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You are Divine & Expansive

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Stop putting yourself in a box! You divine, EXPANSIVE human.

Stop limiting yourself to labels that will never truly capture the miracle that you are.

I’ve never really resonated with the label of ‘musician’. Because truthfully, there’s so much magic beyond music that my heart and soul yearn to create.

This year, I celebrate my multi-faceted self and share all the magic I am called to create.

If you are going to give yourself a label, make it a super, expansive one. One that reminds you of your limitlessness!

I think ‘magician’ is a more fitting label for me right now. There’s lots of magic that I’m conjuring up and rather than worry about what boxes it all fits into, I’d rather just share it with you. If it resonates, that’s awesome. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.

The most important thing is to honour your truth and what you’re being called to be, do, create and share.

What you seek is seeking you. Your dreams are dreaming you back.

May you give yourself permission to be the divine, expansive, as multi-faceted as you like…human miracle that you are.

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