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Everything Is Unfolding Perfectly

There's nothing quite like a day spent de-cluttering the house and pouring over old memories and keepsakes to remind you of just how far you've come and just how perfectly everything unfolds.

When I read old goals of mine that haven't come to fruition, it's so easy to see why those things never came to be. Nor do those things feel aligned with who I am anyway.

Goals like "record a childrens' music album" or "learn all of the music theory there is to know" really don't resonate with me anymore. In the years since writing goals like this down, I have further discovered what truly delights me. And I have found myself naturally gravitating more towards the things that I am designed to be watering and helping to blossom.

In one case, I found a list of lifestyle changes that I was yearning to make. I remember those things feeling so far out of my reach back when the list was written. And yet, those very things are effortlessly apart of my daily life now. I was reminded that we can do extraordinary things in divine time...and often those things begin to feel so normal and ordinary that we forget that they were once indeed merely challenging thoughts and ideas.

Watching back old footage of me singing as a 14 year old, I am reminded of the love for music that got me started on this journey. I am reminded that we can often underestimate what magic is possible across the span of 10 years. That everything unfolds and blossoms exactly as it's meant to...even my singing voice. Back then, I dreamed of belting high notes and being Demi Lovato. And now? I am so glad to be Jess Irvine and to be singing and writing the folky tunes I do. I am reminded of another truth: life always has a beautiful plan for us. And most often, that plan goes way beyond what we ever could possibly dream up for ourselves with our tiny, beautiful human brains.

Everything is always unfolding so perfectly. Divinely. Magically. Just as it's meant to.

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