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Tossing Away the Adulting Handbook

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I had my heart set on a Play-Doh kit. You read right...a Play-Doh Kit! One of my favourite things to do as a child was arts and crafts. Think glitter, those felt craft pipe cleaners, paddle pop sticks, textas, etc. And of course, Play-Doh. On a recent trip to Kmart, I saw that they stocked a whole range of Play-Doh kits. You could make your own donuts, pancakes, animals, all sorts of things. And my heart was set on the donut kit.

The coveted 'donut kit'

So I did indeed actually go and buy the donut kit on the weekend. I decided to walk all the way to Kmart to get it too (about a 30 minute walk from my house). So I strapped on my running shoes, grabbed my umbrella and green bag, and set off for the wonderland that is Kmart. I managed to leave Kmart with a new notebook for journalling too because: A) I go through those things very quickly; and B) you never leave Kmart with just what you went in for. I had the time of my life making colourful donuts and desserts. So much so, that I then went out to Target for the complete Play-Doh kitchen set. I am not making this up. This is real.

The Play-Doh kitchen set was the size of a small child.

The kitchen set was WAY bigger than I expected it to be, but included all sorts of fun Play-Doh tools. My Play-Doh kitchen was now serving spaghetti, burgers, pancakes, sandwiches. I found my donut drive-thru upgraded to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Making things with Play-Doh feels incredibly therapeutic. It feels incredibly creative. But most importantly, it's just so much fun. The colours, the endless possibilities. I was quickly reminded of why I loved the stuff so much as a kid.

It's funny too. For so many of my teenage and earlier young adult years, I was so focused on growing up. On 'reaching adulthood'. As a 16 year old, yearning to be old enough to go see my favourite bands perform live. Feeling the need to be more grown up, more 'adult', less childish. The need to be taken more seriously. I haven't grown since I was 12. Literally. Same shoe size, clothes size, etc. since I was 11 or 12 years old. And so I have always had this fear of not being taken seriously. Of being dismissed because I look a lot younger than I am. But lately I actually feel more successful when in tune with my younger self. When I honour my inner child and her playful tendencies and curiosities. When I prioritise what delights me, rather than what feels like an adult obligation or expectation. When I remind myself that my life can be colourful and creative and beautiful as I wish for it to be.

My life doesn't have to be dressed up in suit pants and typical adult niceties for me to be taken seriously. There's no right or wrong way to do it. I don't have to follow an 'adult' handbook for living just because I am getting older. I don't have to fit a mould to earn the respect of others. In fact. It's not up to me as to what others judge me and my life to be. It's up to me to decide what is in alignment with my soul. It's up to me to decide what it means to live a true, beautiful life on my terms.

I know that a true, beautiful life of mine won't always be dressed up in Play-Doh...maybe pipe cleaner art is next! I am forever growing, changing, learning, discovering and playing in my own beautiful way. We each are in our own lives. And that is incredible. It's incredible that what's true and beautiful for you may not be what's true and beautiful for me. And that what's true and beautiful for you today, may not be what's true and beautiful for you tomorrow.

Just allowing ourselves to dance and play however we are called to is so beautiful. Tossing away the 'adult human manual' in favour for a messy path of colour, creativity and eternal change. Life is beautiful. Life is colourful. Life is messy. And hey, so is Play-Doh.

In case you're interested, here are some of this afternoon's creations. I'm pretty chuffed with my efforts (bottom left is Matt's - coined 'Special Bunnings Sausage'):

Lots and lots of love (and Play-Doh) -

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