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Thoughts from a Recovering Perfectionist

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I really like it when things go well. When everything looks beautiful and I am awash with clarity and calm. When things go perfectly...eep!

I consider myself to be a recovering perfectionist. And in the past, that perfectionist nature crippled me so much that I decided it was best to just play it safe and not try anything at all. But oh how sad is the soul at the hands of a human playing it safe!

Creativity and change can be messy. There's trial and error, risks and unchartered territories involved. But oh how we come alive in creation. When we give ourselves the chance to express what wishes to leap from our hearts and out into the world.

We are creative beings. We were built to give birth to magical things. And there won't always be certainty and things won't always feel comfortable...but if we embrace all facets of our humanness and of the creative process (to live is a creative act) is so rewarding, so fulfilling.

And if we carve out space and solitude for ourselves and souls, we can hear the calls. To sit in space and solitude is to trust. To trust that everything arrives in divine time. To trust that we are deeply connected to each other and life even in the spaces in between. To sit in space and solitude is to honour all cycles and rhythms of life. To embrace it all.

I am living a little more wildly this year. Taking more risks. Getting my hands dirty. Diving into the unknown. Where there used to be fear, is this little whisper...reminding me that I am more capable than I ever thought possible.

I am limitless. Magical. Wild. Divine. And of course, the same is so very true for you too.

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