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Shaking Up The Energy

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

It still amazes me how much a simple walk outside can help me to process my emotions and naturally move from a funky state into a more clear and joyful one. We are energy in motion after all. So it does make sense that physically moving our bodies helps us to move and shift emotions too.

As I am writing this, the sun is awakening from her slumber behind the clouds...after what feels like years since she shone brightly. It's been raining non-stop here for at least a week. Maybe longer? But the promise of an afternoon walk with the sun shining down on me and the birds singing delights me!

I found myself in a funky state yesterday. It was supposed to be a day of rest for me, but I felt restless and anxious. Unable to settle, but feeling so fatigued that it seemed like the only option. I knew that a walk outside would do me some good, but it was raining. It then of course dawned on me that umbrellas exist. Duh, Jess! And so I headed outside for a stroll in the rain. Again, amazed that a simple walk could shift so much for me. I found myself grounded and attuned to the present moment again; watching rain droplets gently perched on the leaves and branches of trees. The streets around me only softly stirring, with most people bunkered down in their homes. Total peace and tranquility. A far cry from where was only 10 minutes or so before.

So I've coined a new mantra. After last week's mantra: "You are allowed to be really, really happy - no matter what"...this week's mantra goes like this:

"When in doubt, get up and get out(side)."

It's important to allow yourself to feel your feelings. But opting to get up and get moving rather than wallowing in those feelings, has proven to me to be the best way to naturally and gently shift into a more high-vibe state. Shaking up the energy. Moving the energy by literally moving our bodies. I find the same to be so effective when things are feeling stale or stagnant. I've been doing the bulk of my writing and work downstairs at our dining room table for the last few days, but found myself feeling rather uninspired and stuck yesterday. So, today I've opted to work from my desk in our bedroom...and boom! I feel inspired again. When our energy gets stuck; maybe because we've become accustomed to the environment or circumstances we're working in or with...we often then feel stuck. So in order to get un-stuck, we can simply change up the environment or circumstances to get moving energy and creativity wise again.

When we feel stuck or stagnant, we often feel the impulse to make huge drastic changes in order to get un-stuck and feel inspired again. But sometimes, all it takes is a simple walk or change in your environment. Maybe even taking a break! I have often found myself desperate for a long sabbatical when dealing with burn out. But then I remind myself that I am allowed to rest. To take a break. To break up the working day with something that helps me to shift my perspective and energy. I don't have to hop on a plane to Hawaii to feel inspired or well rested again. The fact that we're not even able to do so at the moment makes a greater case for honouring the moment and shaking up the energy! Inviting in moments of rest, change, points of shake up the energy of your life.

Is there a mantra you've been living by lately? Please share it below in the comments section if you feel called to - I'd love to hear it!

Lots and lots of love,

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