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Happy Monday (Moon Day)

Astrology shows us that each day of the week is ruled by a different planets. In fact, three of the days of the week are actually named after celestial bodies themselves; and the rest are named after Gods and Goddesses that are associated with the energy of particular planets. The days of the week can be broken down like this:

• Monday = Moon Day. And is therefore, ruled by the Moon. The Moon, which also rules the zodiac sign Cancer, represents our deepest personal needs. Think emotions, nurturing, maternal instincts, softening, slowing down, etc. This makes Monday a great day to go with ease, set intentions for the week, up your self care game, and honour your emotions.

• Tuesday = Tiu's Day; named after the English/Germanic God of war and sky. Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars, and Mars is also the Roman God of war. See how everything connects? Mars, which also rules the zodiac sign Aries; represents action, passion, desire, drive, competition and energy. This makes Tuesday a great day for being super productive and working on what you feel most passionate about.

• Wednesday = Woden's Day; named after the chief Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic god. Woden was known as a god of war, but also a god of learning, poetry and magic. Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury. The Roman God Mercury is the god of translators and interpreters. The messenger for other Gods. Mercury (also ruling the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo) is the planet of communication and thinking, making Wednesday the perfect day for meetings (anything involving clear communication), expressing yourself, dialogue (working on anything that involves writing or speaking), and decision making.

• Thursday = Thor's Day; the Norse god of Thunder. Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter. And the Roman god Jupiter, is noted for creating thunder and lightning. Jupiter (also ruling the zodiac sign Sagittarius) as a planet represents abundance and expansion, making Thursday a great day for expanding your mind through learning, taking adventures, or expanding through spirituality.

• Friday = Freya's Day. Freya is the Teutonic goddess of love and beauty. Friday is ruled by the planet Venus. The Roman goddess, Venus, rules love and beauty. Because Venus (ruling the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus) is the planet of love, harmony and beauty; it makes Friday the perfect day to seek and create beauty. Maybe getting out into nature, dressing up in beautiful clothes, buying yourself a bunch of flowers, etc.

• Saturday = Saturn's Day. Saturday is therefore ruled by Saturn (think Capricorn), the planet of responsibility and commitment. The perfect day for structure and discipline. Think house work, checking off the 'to do list' of errands, honouring personal boundaries, etc.

• Sunday = Sun's Day. As you might have guessed, Sunday is ruled by the Sun. The Sun rules Leo, and represents soul purpose. The sun is the giver of life and vitality. Sunday is the perfect day to do what brings your soul warmth and joy. Hanging out with family and friends, doing whatever inspires you and brings you joy. Engaging in warm creative activities, etc.

I love tuning into the energy of different planets according to the day of the week. We are literally made up of energy and star dust, so of course we feel the energy of the planets. In my experience, aligning with the energy of a particular day helps my days to flow more and feel more harmonious. Working with the energy of a moment rather than against it. I also think that it's so fascinating how much the energies of the days often contradict society's expectations. The best example of this being that our work weeks often start on Mondays. Yet, according to the planetary energies, starting the work week on Tuesday would actually make for a more productive week. Or at least having this knowledge on hand, we can grant ourselves more love and compassion when we find it a little harder to get ourselves together on Monday morning. We can allow ourselves to ease into the week more.

So today is Monday (Moon Day), and I am allowing myself to go a little slower. After a big week of running, socialising, creating, going going going...easing my way into the day and this new week felt more aligned for me. Admittedly, it's not easy though! When you've been conditioned to need to get the week off to a flying start on Monday.

Honestly, it's really all just about honouring where you are right now in this moment and how you feel. There are so many different kinds of energies and systems that we are plugged into that affect how we feel on any given day. So just giving yourself permission to feel how you feel and extending love and compassion to yourself no matter the day is important for your overall health and wellbeing - emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. Looking to the planets and astrology is just one of the ways that we can find greater harmony and flow in our lives. It's a wonderful tool to harness. But no matter what, honour where you're at right now in this moment. You are your own best authority. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. And truthfully, that advice is just as much for me as it is for anybody else!! It is a learning process. And we can be supported by wonderful tools like this throughout the process.

Have a beautiful week ahead beautiful humans!

Lots of love,

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