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A Really Good Day

I wrote the following in the Notes section of my phone on a nature walk...while the sun was setting...on what was a really good day.

It’s the sun glimmering golden as it disappears behind the hill.

Illuminating the forest of trees that grow outside my window.

Sparking a symphony of nature led by sweet singing birds.

The cool gentle Autumn breeze.

She carries inspiration with her as she dances through and beyond.

Leaving a little bit behind with me.

Like fairy dust settling sweetly on my soul.

Who knows what seeds she will guide me to plant in the moments, days and weeks to come. Maybe songs? Perhaps poems? Journal entries?

My tummy is filled with hot cross buns and happiness.

I already feel sentimental about the day I’ve just danced through - filled with laughter, beautiful humans and warm memories that will stay etched in my mind and heart for a long while.

It’s days like this...that remind grateful I am to be alive.

To feel. To witness the beauty in everything and everyone. To love. To hope. To dream. To dance. To wonder and wander.


On days like these when my human vessel harmoniously meets my soulful spirit; when we come together as one to dance in delight...

I am reminded...of what a beautiful thing it is to be alive.

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