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Astrology Talk: Soul Purpose

Astrology time!

One of my favourite aspects about a Natal Chart (Astrology) is the North Node. Where your North Node sits reveals what your soul is here to move towards in this lifetime. On the other hand, the South Node shows us what we’re moving away from (themes we might have dealt with in past lives or earlier on in our lives…maybe even things we are still working to release).

My North Node sits in Libra, my South Node in Aries. I am so Libran through and through. I actually have 5 Libran placements in my chart. Libra reveals the energy of harmony, peace and beauty. Librans tend to have a strong affinity for music and art.

I love using my North Node like an anchoring point to guide how I show up in all I do, all I am and all I create. While Libra is all about harmony, peace and beauty…Aries is the energy of passion, leadership, assertiveness…a true fire sign. So whenever I feel myself being driven by hustle, anger, ambition, fire…I remind myself to come back to beauty. To harmony. To peace. To allow that to be the bedrock of my path and creations. And it makes the most massive difference, honestly. Everything feels like ease and alignment when I align with that energy. I can feel my soul humming with “thank you”s when I make the shift.

My soul is drawn to beauty. Flowers. Trees. The birds. Butterflies. Golden sunrises and sunsets. And not just to appreciating beauty in all…but creating beauty, sharing beauty. I come alive twirling in flowy bohemian dresses, sipping chai in aesthetically pleasing cafes, hiking through forests filled with divine, natural beauty. It’s the very foundation of everything I do and create. It explains the music and why I spend so long making my meals beautiful and colourful and vibrant. Why I have just as much fun building beautiful websites for my music and any art I create, as I do playing a show. Or why I have as much fun working on the beautiful details of a show (what I’ll wear, what the stage set up will look like, etc) as I do singing the songs. Why I fall in love with every human I meet - every human is so beautiful with so many unique, beautiful aspects and stories and quirks.

Do you know what your North and South Nodes are? If you do, please share below!! I’d love to geek out with you on Astrology or Human Design or Numerology or whatever you’d love to share with me.

If you don’t, it’s so easy to work it out. Just go to and enter your details (birth time, date, location, etc) and open up your Natal Chart. It should say where the North Node sits on the left hand side, and then if you look for the upright facing little horse shoe in the chart itself…you’ll be able to see what ‘house’ the North Node is in. The houses give us a little bit more details on how a placement plays out in our charts and lives. It’s as if the planets (or in this case the North Node) are the actors, the signs are the type of character they play, and the Houses are where the scenes take place. Maybe you’d like to experiment with using your North Node as an anchoring point too!

Lots of love,

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