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New Moon EPK

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Press Release

New Moon is the debut track from head-over-heart folk-pop singer-songwriter Jess Irvine. After taking to festival stages and clocking over half a million streams with previous projects The Lighthearts and The Counterfeit Umbrellas, Jess debuts as a solo artist with a song that simply and sweetly captures the essence of new beginnings. Angelic vocal melodies combined with twinkly banjo and mandolin lines make for a gorgeous track that is both grounded and ethereal.


Jess describes of the track, “New Moon is almost more mantra-like than song-like. So many of my songs tend to turn out this way. Beautiful melodies that I can sing for greater peace and grounding. I feel very connected to the natural world and its’ cycles, so it felt important to create a song that captured the essence of this. The track begins and ends with the sounds of birds captured in my own backyard; the very sounds that ground me when I’m at home and in search of peace and calming. If you listen really carefully, you can even hear the swirling vibrations of a crystal singing bowl as the base ‘drone’ sound for the track. It’s important to me that I create music that is heart-centred and healing. This is a song that feels like something so much more than just a ‘song’.”


Produced by Jon Marsden (Maisy Taylor, Hello Jane) and Ben Kling (River Westin, Kathryn Hallberg), with mastering by Steve Smart (Vance Joy, Dean Lewis); New Moon is the first release in a collection of heartfelt mantras crafted for the modern-day dreamer.

Artist Bio

Jess Irvine is the heart-over-head folk-pop singer-songwriter your playlist has been missing on long drives, weekend picnics, Tuesday brunches and every day in between. And yet, she feels familiar somehow.

Based in Brisbane’s north, Jess has spent the last decade as singer, tambourinist and professional flowy-dress-twirler for bands The Counterfeit Umbrellas and The Lighthearts. In these bands, Jess performed at renowned music festivals such as Caloundra Music Festival and Jungle Love; received commercial radio airplay; made national television appearances and clocked over half a million Spotify streams.

On stage, Jess’ sunbeam smile meets her rich, enchanting vocal and unmistakeable honesty to produce a show which leaves every person in the room feeling moved, understood and loved. Combining influence from folk legends like Joni Mitchell and with modern-day muses such as Maggie Rogers, Jess’ original songs bottle her life lessons into heartfelt mantras for the modern-day dreamer.

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