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Jess Irvine

Meet singer, songwriter & professional flowy dress twirler:

Jess Irvine is the heart-over-head folk-pop singer-songwriter your playlist has been missing on long drives, weekend picnics, Tuesday brunches and every day in between. And yet, she feels familiar somehow. 

Based in Brisbane’s north, Jess has spent the last seven years as lead singer, tambourinist and professional flowy-dress-twirler for bands The Counterfeit Umbrellas and The Lighthearts.

With The Lighthearts, she’s played the Caloundra Music Festival and Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, received commercial radio airplay and made national television appearances. 

Combining influence from folk legends James Taylor, Carole King and Joni Mitchell with modern-day muses Maggie Rogers, Clare Bowen and The Lumineers, Jess’ songs bottle her life lessons into heartfelt mantras for the modern-day dreamer.

Jess has felt the calling to use her voice to create connection since she was too small to hesitate and hasn’t missed a single opportunity to sing, dance or perform since.

In addition to beginning her solo music project, in 2020 Jess also stepped into the role of host of ‘Divine by Jess Irvine, a podcast for creatives, dreamers and spiritual seekers.

On stage, Jess’ sunbeam smile meets her rich, enchanting vocal and unmistakeable honesty to produce a show which leaves every person in the room feeling moved, understood and loved.

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"The heart-over-head folk-pop singer-songwriter..." ☾✦

Jess Irvine

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